Picacho State Park, Colorado River (01-15-00)

For this ride, we off-loaded our bikes at the intersection of Ogilby and Indian Pass Road (Ogilby is the next exit after the sand dunes off of East-bound I-8). Indian Pass Rd is a graded dirt road with a few narrow steep stretches and some sandy washes as it nears the Colorado River. At the Colorado river, there's a vehicle fee of $5.00. Our return path was somewhat convoluted & suffice to say we experimented with a variety of trails. The major portion of our return was on BLM's A278 trail. Don't miss the Mirage...

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pic008-P1010026.JPG (130788 bytes) Picacho1.jpg (254082 bytes) Picacho2.jpg (239361 bytes) A Mirage!