Trying Out The New Truck at Superstition Mt (02-21-00)

Tried our the new truck by running it from Split Mountain by Ocotillo Wells south to Superstition Mountain. Along the way we ran through a spectacular sand storm with visibility down to fifty feet and deep drifts of very soft sand. Old Betsy just chugged her way out of the sand & through the mud, bringing us home safely.

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At Split Mountain preparing to run down to Superstition Mountain spr001-P2210030.JPG (60271 bytes) Eigil Riding in the bed of the truck spr002-P2210035.JPG (42870 bytes)
Riding south along the narrow gage rail line that feeds Plaster City spr003-P2210036.JPG (56855 bytes) Photo taken by Eigil while riding in the bed of the truck spr004-P2210037.JPG (51889 bytes)
Shooting back out of the window


spr005-P2210040.JPG (71983 bytes)

Blue effect given by the windshield tinting spr006-P2210041.JPG (55644 bytes)
Eigil enjoying some erosion along the road  spr007-P2210042.JPG (59487 bytes) Stopped at the plane crash site spr008-P2210047.JPG (53414 bytes)
Heading towards Superstition Mountain in a dense sand storm spr009-P2210048.JPG (43111 bytes) The storm deposited many deep drifts of soft sand spr010-P2210049.JPG (45438 bytes)
Bad visibility & stinging sand lasted about twenty minutes spr011-P2210051.JPG (46681 bytes) The wind had the same effect over the sand as it does with water spr012-P2210052.JPG (55183 bytes)
The remnants of the sand storm can be seen in the distance behind the truck spr013-P2210053.JPG (61185 bytes) Blowing sand gave way to mud & puddles spr014-P2210054.JPG (57966 bytes)
Woops on these roads are a lot easier to traverse on two wheels spr015-P2210056.JPG (57692 bytes) Eigil looking for cycle tracks at Galard & Lisa's camp site spr016-P2210057.JPG (60011 bytes)
Cindy taking refuge from gale force winds in the truck spr017-P2210058.JPG (54903 bytes) Cindy demonstrating the gale force winds by hanging a napkin out (note gravity lost) spr018-P2210059.JPG (55111 bytes)
Panorama of the plane crash site's crater (Other photos under "Superstition Mountain" pages on this site) truck_at_crater.jpg (60603 bytes)