Xmas in Pennsylvania (12-25/31-00)

With little notice, we managed a quick trip to Pennsylvania for Christmas. Between the Christmas festivities, the Statue of Liberty, a show in The City, and 12 inches worth of Northeastern snow storm, I turned out to be action packed & fun.

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The Activities:


Louise's (12-24-00)

Xmas Diner (12-25-00)

Diane's Visit (12-27-00)

Diner at Amy & Ed's (12-27-00)

Statue of Liberty (12-28-00)

New York City (12-28-00)

Linda's Visit (12-29-00)

Putsie & Edward's (12-29-00)

Nor-Eastern Storm (12-30-00)

Bill & Linda's (12-30-00)

At Home New Years (12-31-00)