Recon run to Erendira, Baja (05-25-02)

Eigil & I scouted the western portion of the 2002 Baja 500 course. We where looking for the spot where we'll help Dennis setup a secondary pit for the John Markin class-one effort. If all goes well, I'll have photos of that part of the race next Saturday. An excellent stop along the way was "Coyote Cal's", just north of Erendira. They offered a comfortable place to stop for folk pre-running the course or those exploring the area (more at ).

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The Trails North of Erendira, Baja California
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Coyote Cal's
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Wide Angle

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360 degree panorama of Coyote Cal's (277KB)

Staging from Hotel El Palomar in Santo Tomas, just south of Ensenada
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Sight on the way home, landing near the Lake Morena exit off of I-8
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