Dialing-in a Premium Off-road Car! (08-11-02)

Most maintenance is obviously done between races, and on reassembly the suspension components are usually dialed back in for optimal performance. We got a chance to ride in John's race car during one of these test periods. Two things come to mind after my requested  "medium" speed ride: Focusing one eighth of a mile down course works on my bike's 92 MPH gearing, but at the buggy's 120+MPH speeds, what you see is history just about the time it registers. The other is the irony of the situation, if we ran these speeds on Evan Hewes road it'd be instant jail time, but just on the other side of the white line, we are legally off-roading! 

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Plaster City West staging area
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Sequence of Shots Down Evan Hewes Road
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Sequence of Two Parts of a Loop; Evan Hewes Road & Plaster City West
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Sequence Taken Down Evan Hewes Road From a Chase Truck Running a Steady 96MPH

 (Yes, John agreed to stay close & not blow by!)

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