Merry Christmas From Jeff, Cindy, and Eigil Bisgaard

We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Once again we look at the year in review and are warmed by the memories of all our good friends and family, and the times we shared with some of you.

  January; This year we spent far more time in the dirt than in previous years, with bicycle and off-the road competition permeating our life. January saw the beginning of Eigil's bid for the California State downhill racing championship and Cindy's extensive use of her Christmas camera. Construction for the pool started in December & the project was well underway by January.  We take time to photograph Dennis' buggy and watch the Parker 400 in Arizona.

February; We made our usual pilgrimage to northern California for the Crab Feed with Mark & Karen, & the see our old friends and neighbors. The month included some spectacular riding at Gordon's well, some time at Carnegie Park with Tony & Vicky, and also marked the first time we had destructive Santa Ana winds in Alpine.
March; Eigil continued his bid for the championship, but we had time to ride down Baja to Laguna Hansen, and to feast with Kent & Eileen at their home. We took time to scatter ashes over the Pacific for Cindy's mother and our pup Addison.
April; April saw more dowhill racing and the filling of the pool. Eigil turned seventeen & has been on the road behind the wheel...
May; Frank & Jan had us over for a feast & we made recon runs down Baja in anticipation of the Baja 500. Kent & Eileen are finally persuaded to try out a dirt bike ride, and downhill racing continued.
June; We where invited by John to pit for his Baja race car & had a very exciting first race at the Baja 500, he lead overall for a while until a breakdown dashed our hopes. We joined Mike & Elena, with Al & Michie, in Puerto Penasco Sonora for some sun in the gulf.
July; Spent a wonderful 4th at Marks, worked the pits for John at the Henderson 250 race, and had a veritable food fest for Mike & Elena's visit.
  August; Cindy had a retirement party at Brian's, completed the backyard's BBQ & bar, Eigil's team picked up third at Big Bear's 12 hour marathon downhill race, and I got a chance to experience riding shotgun in a premium off-road race car.
  September; We took time off for Eigil's race in Tahoe & see Mark & Karen, Tony & Vicky. from Tahoe we spent a few days in Las Vegas before heading to the Primm 300 off road race to for some exciting pit work on John's car. We took Brian & Heather for their first ride to McCain Valley.
  October; October saw Eigil pickup his class win in the California State Downhill Series. Halloween turned into a garage party, completed the pool's patio, and took Brian to Ocotillo & got him a broken wrist.
  November; Cindy attended her 25th High school reunion in Pennsylvania, Eigil and friends attended an Ensenada downhill event as the foreign contingent, we saw Dennis & Lora's new place & race truck, and spent our first Thanksgiving weekend out in the dunes with Terry. We did have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at home with friends & neighbors. 
  December; Cindy got her new Z-car, & we made the SPAWAR and Greg and Mary's Christmas Parties.

Overall it's been a good year for us & hope it has for you as well. Hope to see you all in the year to come. We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy Year!
      Jeff, Cindy, & Eigil