San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Christmas 2002

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We had a wonderful Christmas south of the border in Zacatecas, San Miguel de Allende, and Queretaro, Mexico. We spent the vast majority of the time relaxing and eating, I'd have it no other way! I spent days sorting and weeding out the ridiculous number of photographs Cindy & I generated, the results are posted on the page-links below.  Enjoy!

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bullet Streets of Zacatecas
bullet Meson de Jobito, Zacatecas
bullet Eden Mine, Zacatecas
bullet Streets of San Miguel de Allende
bullet Doors of San Miguel de Allende
bullet Christmas Dinner
bullet Shops of San Miguel de Allende
bullet Opening Christmas Presents
bullet Outside the Ranch
bullet Inside The Ranch
bullet Nicole & Victor's, Queretaro
bullet Juarez Park
bullet Eigil Jumping
bullet Furniture Page for Lis
bullet The House
bullet The Patio
bullet New Year's Dinner
bullet New Year's Party at the 'Jardin'
bullet Workshop
bullet Churches of San Miguel de Allende
bullet Random Family Photos
bullet All of us Eating & Feasting