Eigil's Letters & Mailing Address


For those who don't know, Eigil joined the Coast Guard. He'll be in Cape May, NJ, for eight weeks of Boot Camp, then off to six plus months in Petaluma, CA, for Electronics Technician (ET) schools. He'll only be allowed to receive letters in Boot Camp, with possible phone calls the last few weeks of training. Once in ET Schools, he'll get to lead a normal life. We'll continue to post his letter through Boot Camp & update his address when he moves on to Petaluma.

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Updated 05/24/05

Mailing address:


 Click Here


Estimated Graduation Date:

29 April 2005

Link to the Coast Guard's Boot Camp

Link to Graduation Page

Changes as of 02 April 2005:


 Eigil left a message yesterday & followed up with a call this morning. He has a pulmonary infection that has cost him an extra week in boot camp. He's on antibiotics & doing fine. Please note the changes (In Red) to his address & graduation dates above.

Letter of 23 March 2005:


Letter of 18 March 2005:


Letter of 9 March 2005:


Letter from Boot Camp of 7 March 2005: