I hope this letter reaches all of you in good health & spirits. We’ve had yet another fine year, staying busy & adapting to our new empty-nest condition.

Eigil joined the Coast Guard earlier this year & after an eye opening stint in Boot Camp, he’s begun training in the science of electronics. And in this new environment governed by the laws of instant-repercussion, Eigil’s instructors have extorted some of the finest scholastic performances of his young life! We are still trying to come to grips with all this good news!

So, following in our customary show & tell:

    January; we started the year in Laughlin with Jeff & Cindy (yup, easy to remember!), plying our hobby that so permeates our lives!

    February; we saw Mark & Karen at the now legendary Crab Feed, toured Death Valley, saw Rob & Colleen in Pahrump, met up with Bill, Linda, Dave, & Janis, and where honored with an invitation to Jose & Lourdes’ wedding in Las Vegas. We capped the month off at Steve and Vindy’s for the San Felipe 250 race. Sadly for us, this was also the month Eigil headed to Boot Camp in Cape May NJ.

    March; had us over to Lucy’s for her yet undisclosed-age birthday party, and out to Buttercup Sand Dunes with Terry. Out in the dunes I was able to crack some ribs & verify three-wheeler’s where indeed dangerous…

    April; was our first opportunity to try our hand at waterfront camping with Jeff & Cindy. Later Cindy toured the flower farms in Carlsbad, visited Philly & NYC, and we met for Eigil’s Coast Guard graduation in Cape May NJ. After Graduation we returned to Bill & Linda’s in Pennsylvania.

    May; we celebrated Tom’s birthday at Tom & Judy’s, then camped out on the beach at the Silver Strand.

    June; photographed the Baja 500 race in Mexico and took advantage of last year’s massive snowfall & resultant thaw to enjoy Yosemite’s incredible waterfalls with Jeff & Cindy. Eigil came down from Petaluma to join us.

    July; Eigil again visited his old folk & hooked up with Nick & Chris for some aerial acrobatics on bikes. Cindy visited Marie, Putsie, Edward, Bill, Linda, & Chris in Pennsylvania & Darrel & Julie in Norfolk.

    August; worked like dogs to pay for all of this!

    September; Cindy volunteered for a Katrina relief effort, we photographed the Primm 300 race in Nevada, and joined Jeff & Cindy camping on Fiesta Island for a huge three-day-long tailgate party called the “Thunderboat” races.

    October; Mike and Elena joined us for some very enjoyable waterfront camping on the Coronado Silver Strand, followed by Supercross racing and drinking madness with Vicky & Tony in Vegas, and celebrating Terry’s 40th with his family.

    November; headed to Mexico once more for the Baja 1000 race, then took thanksgiving to Eigil in Petaluma. Spent a very relaxing time at a campground on base, Point Reyes, & visited with Mark & Karen in Vacaville.

    December; made a final run to Mexico this year for the Tecate Hare Scrambles race. Eigil will spend Christmas at home & we’ll spend New Year’s at Mike & Elena’s in Apache Junction (I’ll add links as these things happen).



We hope your year was as rewarding to you as it was for us & hope that we'll have the opportunity to see you soon. And of course, we wish a very Merry Christmas to all of you & a Happy New Year!