Remodeling (02-13-06)

Once again, for the next few months we'll be working on the house instead of spending time away. Our goal is to renew the interior & get a little more mileage from the house. We are neither interior decorators, nor do we wish to hire someone else's ideas, we just want to re-dress what is there in something homey & livable.   

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Painting the kitchen Cabinet's - Painting the kitchen cabinets instead of refinishing/replacing them saved us enough to cover the cost of painting the interiors, re-flooring the downstairs, and installing all new appliances! Having past less-than-happy experiences with oil based gloss, we had Handy Randy & Lonny do his magic on the kitchen cabinets.


Repairing the Ceiling Bulge - For five years now we saw a bulge creeping down from the kitchen's ceiling & waited for the right time to investigate its cause. Turns out the straps holding the air conditioning duct had given way & allowed the duct to press down on the sheet rock. Fortunately it was an easy fix!


Upgrading Handles/Hinges/Curtains - Although we liked the increased brightness the white cabinets brought into the room, we figured wed have to do something besides wood floors to give it some character. We used black handles & hinges to offset the intensely-white cabinets. We then matched the curtain rods & valances as best we could within the budget.. 


Chuck & Diana's Visit - In the middle of all this we invited Chuck & Diana to share dinner & paint fumes with us.