Remodeling (02-13-06)

Once again, for the next few months we'll be working on the house instead of spending time away. Our goal is to renew the interior & get a little more mileage from the house. We are neither interior decorators, nor do we wish to hire someone else's ideas, we just want to re-dress what is there in something homey & livable.   

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Painting the interior and Installing New Floors - We don't have photos of the actual painting (done by Home Depot contractors), but their product can be seen in the floor installation photos. For the floors we went with a local Alpine shop where we experienced great customer support from  Village Carpets and outstanding installation work by their flooring subcontractor. 


Installing New Appliances - Dishwasher -  The dishwasher was professionally installed & just needed some trim adjustments to fit.


Installing New Appliances - Range -  Sears was always our go-to place for appliances & tools, now it's just for tools. Cindy opted for Maytag's dual oven range under the assumption she'd use the smaller top oven more frequently & thus save on some gas. The first range we received had terminal enamel de-lamination on the cook-top & chipped away every day. The second range arrived two weeks later, but the Sears reps panicked upon seeing their previous installation had an "illegal" gas connection & took off with the range. The third range arrived with a forklift dent on the left side. Sears offered some cash back to ease the pain, but we may go for a fourth try.

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Installing New Appliances - Refrigerator -   We ordered our refrigerator four weeks in advance & the eve of delivery we had to wait another two weeks do to stock problems. Two weeks later still no fridge, but this time they could not estimate the delivery date. We canceled with Sears. The Marine Corps exchange delivered in two weeks (getting it tomorrow).