Remodeling (02-13-06)

Once again, for the next few months we'll be working on the house instead of spending time away. Our goal is to renew the interior & get a little more mileage from the house. We are neither interior decorators, nor do we wish to hire someone else's ideas, we just want to re-dress what is there in something homey & livable.   

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Re-facing the Fireplace - The original fireplace was done in plain white tile. I'd been happy to stop there, but Cindy wanted to dress it up a little. Again, we used Alpine's Villager Carpet to reface the fireplace in Travertine. Once again the same customer support & concern for satisfaction, as well as another fine subcontractor effort.


Relocating the Kitchen Fan - Moving things around always has an unexpected effect on other loosely related things... When the carpet went away, we found we could move the breakfast nook around & gain some room in the kitchen. However, now we had to relocate the fan back over the table. All it took was a hole, some wire fishing, a junction box, & patching up mistakes!


Installing Pullout Pantry Shelves - With a small kitchen, it makes sense to maximize storage. We added pull out shelves (from the San Diego chapter of The Pull-Out Shelf Co.) to our pantry & under counter kitchen cabinets. Now we can get at the items in the back without getting on our knees & pulling everything out.