Happy Holidays!


    Another year has passed by in a flash and we barely had a chance to see a few of you. For those of you we saw & those we wished we could have seen, our thoughts and best wishes are with you!

Once again we had a busy year, but managed to have some fun as well.  Eigil moved out mid-year & drops by to see his old folks, mostly motivated by laundry needs and a good meal! Actually, he's doing well & still working six day weeks.  


Cindy also continues her hard work at the office, but putting in too many hours came to a stop when furloughs forced us to toe the line. Now we get to commute home at a more reasonable time. I'm still traveling frequently to the other side of the world for work, but somehow I'm still meeting all our fun-time commitments. Overall, we managed to visit some friends and photograph nine off-road races for our hobby.


With all the turmoil and furloughs, our motivation to keep the website up to date did drop a little. However, needing something to show in this letter, I found the motivation to add web pages & photos!

    January: Our good neighbors Saul and Nadia needed a little yard to hold a birthday party. Nadia's Sister & nephew visited from Brazil & they were treated to a party that included all the neighborhood kids and a piņata. 


Soren & Soren visited us from Denmark. They were in the States to visit airbases for their on-line military aircraft magazine. They spent a few days with us and we took them out to the desert for some target shooting, followed by a visit to the USS Midway museum.


    February:  Cindy & Eigil headed to the San Diego Supercross. As usual, Tony  fixed us up with VIP tickets for the race. At the stadium, Cindy & Eigil ran into our old neighbors Dennis, Lora, and Tracy with their families. Unfortunately, I was out of town & missed the race for the fifth time in a row!



    March:  Cindy held her yearly Easter Egg hunt for the neighborhood kids. After eighteen years in this neighborhood, there are now eight kids in our court. These are the grandchildren Eigil is glad he hasn't had & keeps Cindy happy!


April: After eighteen years, I finally mustered the courage to climb Viejas Mountain. The mountain figures prominently in our back yard's view. Climbed along with Eigil & Everret, and Maddi rode on her dad's back. The views from the top were great. 


May: Visited Mike and Elena in Apache Junction Arizona. We were treated to the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale. We didn't expect the quality and quantity of instruments on display, this is a world class museum. Reina, Scott, and Joss joined us on the tour of the museum.


July: We returned to our annual Rocky Point resort after a one year hiatus. Rocky point has grown from a sleepy western Sonora town on the Sea of Cortez, to lots of massive condos on the beach. Once again we had great fun with Mike, Elena, Enrique & Yoli.


Cindy returned to Comicon after loosing her place in the ticketing process last year. Comicon's popularity has grown to the point there's a frenzied rush during ticketing season making it next to impossible to get back in once you loose your spot! as usual, the vendors & exhibitors are almost outnumbered by the fans!


We broke down and bought individual sit-inside kayaks to replace our two-person kayak with a tendency to sink. We started with testing in the pool & followed with test in the bay. Eigil joined us to make sure he didn't miss an embarrassing moment.


November: This was our at-home  year for Thanksgiving. Cindy cooked up a great spread, augmented by contributions from our friends. Saul, Nadia & Angela came over, Mike & Elena stayed over, Al & Michie we hadn't seen in a long time, and Eigil  invited a fellow sailor away from home.


Through out the year: We covered eight races for our Dirtfocus web site. These races are still mini vacations to Mexico, Arizona & Nevada. We Spend time enjoying the pre-race festivities, contingency, race, and any post race visits to sites in the vicinity. Although this hobby adds to our schedule, it also allows us to relax and unwind.


Cindy has finished baking and distributing goodies to our friends & neighbors. Just the tree left to do with only one week left until Christmas. It's hard to believe the holidays rushed up on us this quickly, but here we are.


Hope you've enjoyed your year as much as we did. We wish all of you a wonderful holiday season, and with some luck we hope to see you next year!


 ... Jeff, Cindy, & Eigil




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