David and Sofia's Wedding


We attended David and Sofia's Wedding in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. They held a family dinner for Sofia and a Callejoneada followed by a Taquiza at Mom's. Their wedding and and reception was held at the Instituto Allende. For the curios, a Callejoneada in this case was a procession of about 350 of Sofia & David's 'closest friends' and family. They followed an adorned donkey carrying Tequila bottles, a couple 'mojigangas' (10 foot tall papermâché effigies of the bride and groom) and a loud brass band, all parading through the streets of San Miguel. This group brought the town to its knees wherever they paraded, until the final stop back at mom's for a Taquiza (like a having a taco shop at home!). As always, we wish the young couple all the best & our thanks for having us!