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Dear Family & Friends

    Once again, we hope the year brought you good health, prosperity, and happiness.  

    Another busy year for us. Eigil's' hit his growth years & is now taller than we are. Cindy's a workaholic & I'm held hostage at work 'cause we commute together!

    Our yearly travels started in February with our yearly pilgrimage to visit the Chalburg's  & sharing good food at the Crab Feed . We also picked up a new toy

    In March we headed out to see the Alonso's & Spending a few glorious days in Sedona Arizona with them. It was also a month of much off the road exploration, with visits to Picacho Park, Carrizo Badlands, Ocotillo, and In-Ko-Pah.

    April, Cindy & I visited Mike's Sky Ranch in Baja.

     June we hauled the Garcia's to Puerto Nuevo & Cindy walked the Coronado Bridge with her co-workers.

    The east coast was our July destination, visiting Cindy's family in Pennsylvania (Louise, Pete & Linda, Marie, Putsie & Edward, Amy & Eddy, & Bill & Linda) and the Johnson's in Virginia.

    August was Delmar with the K Brown's, Lake Isabela with D Brown's & Puerto Nuevo with the Alonso's.

    Sadly, our pup, Addison, left us in September.

    October brought our usual San Felipe trip (part 1 & part 2).

    November we volunteered for the Baja 2000 race, then took the Chalburg's to San Felipe for Thanksgiving.

    In all, a busy year for us. We can only hope your was good as well & we wish you a Merry Christmas and an even better New Year!.

                                            Jeff, Cindy, & Eigil