Installing the Pool (12-07-01)

For the next few months we'll be working on the house instead of spending time away. Our goal this winter is to put up French doors and a pool. It seems a little backwards that we spent the hot summer riding instead of winter, but it's sure a lot nicer to work outdoors when the weather is nice and cool. I'm sure we'll still get some time out to ride...   

Installing the French Doors (12-17-01) Preparing for the BBQ (01-08-02)
Beginning the Pool Dig (12-07-01) Removing the Old Fence (02-03-02)
Cleaning & the Xmas Tree (12-09-01) Pouring the Concrete (02-11-02)
Putting in the Steel (12-11-01) Installing the fences (02-27-02)
Plumbing the pool (12-14-01) Plastering & filling the pool (03-14-02)
Spraying the Gunite (12-21-01) Installing the Bar & BBQ (08-03-02)
Wiring up Electrical (01-03-02) Installing Solar Heating (09-26-02)
Coping and Tile Work (01-09-02)   Installing the Patio Cover (10-09-02)


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