The Motorhome, LCD Upgrade



Fast forward to June 2009, analog TV is now history & digital transmissions take its place. That was the last straw for our 90-pound analog TV. We entrusted the upgrade project to Jimmy & he devised a strong but light mount for a 32" LCD. Then he crafted a custom cherry wood facade that complemented the underlying cabinets. The end result is a TV enclosure I doubt the factory could have matched! Our kudos & thanks to Jimmy, & we recommend him for any cabinet work. His business number is (619) 316-9122.

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The Floor Plan

Page 3 - The Motorhome, LCD upgrade
Original TV
Power controller (so you are not tempted to watch TV while driving!) Original analog TV without wooden face plate. TV is recessed into the ceiling Tray assembly supporting TV & middle speaker Left side of mount Right side of mount One (of two) small screws that supported the TV sheared. But the enclosure held it in place
LCD Upgrade
New LCD & face plate Matches existing cabinets The LCD is hung from roof frames, secured from rear and bottom, then sandwiched in by the face plate The assembly saves better than 70 pounds & uses less power The LCD's speakers are down-firing, so the extra space was used for the speaker grill & remote sensor The LCD is recessed a full five inches, making it lees likely we'll hit our heads now on entering!
Jimmy salvaged the original plastic and speakers, giving the whole project a very professional look The inspection hole gives access to controls as well as one of the external inputs The original home theater components and speaker where retained Using my existing Winegard antenna, the off the air picture (HD) speaks for itself The DVD picture is better as well!  
Mounting Hardware
Just above the surround sound center speaker is a brace that mounts to the TV's pedestal for additional support The surround sound center speaker is mounted to a wood cross member for assembly ease & less weight Pinch bolts (one shown here) press TV against the front face plate. Hole cut for hand access to controls Pinch bolts are used on all four corners (two shown here) View of the metal brace from below View of the metal brace from the side